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The 'Trust-E' solution


leaf Success depends on good organization, or good management. It is the same to manage real-estate.

leaf Real-estate management by a professional is nice but it is expensive and you do not always have all the informations by the hand. 

leaf You may not have to worry about the technical and legal details of it, but again you will not have all the controls at your disposal either.

leaf Our rental management program may be a wise alternative ... Hear 'US' the manager(s) of the property(s) in question.

leaf "Trust-E" takes care of everything concerning the rental contract, the inventory, the tenants' holidays, the charges, the couriers etc ... and of course also the events (EVENTS). This concept of a table 'EVENTS' connected to all the other tables is quite innovative. 

leaf Indeed both the manager and the tenant, the supplier, the couriers etc all depend on the events concerning the property (s) to be managed.

Some good reasons to manage real estate by yourself !

By demanding managers for demanding managers. You want a little demonstration it's here.